Instagram as a brand promotion tool

Instagram as a brand promotion tool

I. Introduction. What is Instagram and why is it interesting?

The success of Instagram only confirms the hypothesis that niche demarcation is the future of the social media market. As Western marketers predicted, social networks begin to divide not only by the type of users, such as LinkedIn (for professional contacts), but also by the type of content, such as the “visuals” of Pinterest and Instagram. By the way, both of the latter are devoted exclusively to graphic content, but it was Instagram that became an amazing success story. You can buying comments on instagram at a favorable and not expensive price.

Instagram followers are growing every second. It would be rash not to use such a “live” platform in the interests of your business, despite the fact that the largest social networks have long and more than successfully been used to promote brands. Developed strategies, techniques, created a real industry of SMM services. Perhaps the time has come to take a look at Instagram’s capabilities through the eyes of social media experts, since this is not one of the billions of applications for a long time, but a social network that, like others, can become a powerful marketing channel for brands.

II. What Instagram gives brands

In terms of its potential, Instagram is an “untouched field” of various opportunities both for B2C brands (aimed at the end consumer) and for companies oriented to the business audience (with a well-structured business strategy). By the way, unlike methods, the goals that can be achieved using the service are largely identical to those set in the standard marketing campaign on social networks, namely:

# Recognition

Although there is no advertising on Instagram, you can pinch off part of the fame from here: you need to give such content so that users subscribe to you themselves (it is important not to slip into an account with funny pictures). It complicates the lack of a viral effect, because for sharing (posting someone else's posts in your feed) requires a special application. In what situation will the user rush to install it? Perhaps, if only you take a picture of himself and he wants to get a picture of himself beloved. There is only one way out: to become the very best, the most interesting, the most useful.


This is such an interesting thing when people love your brand. Not products, not employees, but just a brand for what it is. Yes, not every online bearing store can repeat Apple's success. But you can and should try to fall in love with the buyer, and here the visual content helps you. Today, when people have no time to read, communication through pictures can be considered the beginning of flirting.

# Reputation management and feedback

Any impact on other people's opinions gives rise to instant opposition, as in Newtonian mechanics. You can make the most wonderful product (of which we have no doubt), but there will still be critics. It is necessary to respond to angry reviews (it does not matter whether they are fair or not). To answer questions about the company, goods and services, it’s your holy duty and the opportunity to win over a potential customer.

The limited search functionality on Instagram makes the process difficult. The “hashtag or nothing” principle applies here, which also gives good results.

# Lead generation (receiving targeted calls to the company)

Let's start with the disappointment: selling directly from Instagram is quite difficult. Of course, indirectly, a service can present a product to a potential client, only the issue of switching to an order / purchase will have to be solved by indirect methods (personal appeal to the account moderator, a call to visit the site, call back, etc.). The main difficulty is the lack of the ability to perform the target action directly from the service.

As such, you can not count and click links. Yes, and in principle there is only one active link - in the description of the account in the profile. But no one bothers to sign under the photo that the product appeared on the site or in any store, talk about the new model, etc.

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